Musculoskeletal/Sports Medicine Track

Purpose: To provide residents the opportunity to expand their knowledge and procedural competency in musculoskeletal and orthopedic problems.  Application for the Musculoskeletal/Sports Medicine Track will be made in the spring of the PGY-2 year.  The selection of track participants will be made by the Emergency Medicine Education Committee.  The track will start July 1st of the PGY-3 year.  The resident will progress through a predetermined curriculum through both self-directed, group, and experiential education.  Participation will be limited to three (3) residents per year (maximum six (6) residents total).The residents who are accepted into the track will progress through the two-year curriculum which provides a longitudinal experience in a variety of musculoskeletal and sports medicine clinical and scholarly activities.   


  • Monthly small group discussions
  • Longitudinal team coverage
  • Mass event coverage
  • Procedure skills simulation labs
  • Attendance at sports medicine conference

Scholarly Activity

Resident will complete one additional scholarly activity that is related to musculoskeletal or sports medicine injuries, suitable for publication, and which will be presented at a regional/state/national conference.