OhioHealth Doctors Hospital

The Doctors Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency is a 4-year ACGME approved program located in Columbus, Ohio. Our program is dedicated to training the finest Emergency Medicine physicians in the United States. We do this by providing outstanding clinical rotations and a dynamic didactic curriculum that focuses on problem based, small group discussions and experiential learning scenarios. We emphasize clinical research to advance medical knowledge in Emergency Medicine and promote continuous self-education to maintain a state of the art knowledge base.


To be the premier Emergency Medicine residency and center for Emergency Medicine research and scholarly activity.


The OhioHealth Doctors Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program is dedicated to educating the finest emergency physician by instilling in the them passion for continuing education, research, and patient advocacy, while developing the skills for productive, fulfilling, lifelong careers in emergency medicine.


  • Integrity
  • Patient advocacy
  • Leadership
  • Lifelong education
  • Physician well-being


  • Cultivate a culture of clinical excellence, professionalism and patient advocacy
  • Provide an environment that promotes achievement, leadership and innovation
  • Recruit high-quality candidates who will excel in the field of Emergency Medicine
  • Promote well-being in our residents, faculty and patients
2021-2022 AY