Preparing for Your Audition

  • Housing for auditioning medical students is not provided by our residency program. Confirm housing accommodations well before your rotation begins. You may ask our coordinator if there are Doctors residents offering housing, or secure your own around Columbus. Consider the location of Doctors Hospital when choosing housing in order to decrease your commute time. There are some great Airbnb locations in close proximity to the hospital and downtown life. 
  • Scrubs from Doctors Hospital can be used by medical students and are located in the Resident Lounge within the Medical Education building. ID card access is required. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the SLOE. If you have any questions, please ask the clerkship director as early in the rotation as possible.
  • Other items that are optional but recommended for emergency medicine shifts: trauma shears, easily cleaned shoes, small notepad/notebook, pocket sized reference guides
  • Please be aware of your school’s and our hospital policy regarding personal protective equipment (PPE). We want you to learn with us, but also keep you safe.