EMS Rotation Tips

This rotation is currently led by Dr. Eric Cortez, MD. You will be able to set up your own schedule. Each station offers a different perspective. Some of the townships further from the city limits provide a more rural EMS experience with longer transport times, allowing for more care in the back of the ambulance. The stations include all 32 of the Columbus Fire Department stations and several Township stations in the area. You can also set up a flight ride along with MedFlight as well as spend a day at the Emergency Communications Center and participate in 911 calls.

What to wear

  • Scrubs with closed toed shoes. Ideally if you have steel toe boots and cargo pants, that is preferable. 

On Shift

  • Stay engaged with the EMS providers. They do evaluate you on shift.
  • Offer to help with chores.
  • When on call, you are not authorized to perform any medical procedures, but can assist in carrying supplies and taking vitals. Be helpful but follow instructions given by the providers you are working with. Some scenes you respond to can be dangerous. If you are told to stay in the ambulance, stay in the ambulance.
  • They have a lot to teach, be open to learn from them.